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It's been a busy few weeks at Modernized Investments. Social media is such a wonderful tool. It has really helped us get out there, connect with like-minded investors, and build our cash buyers list. BiggerPockets is an amazing community that has been another great tool in connecting with similar members. I love researching different topics, getting opinions and reading what others have to say about everything real estate. We recently added a great group of people to our buyer’s list, which were mostly found on BiggerPockets. We continue to build that everyday. Last week, I went down to the Tax Collectors Office and asked for Tax Delinquent Properties in Lee County. We were mailed a CD and are currently researching the different delinquencies and how to sort through them. We plan on sending out a mailing from this list, once we narrow it down. We had a very busy weekend. Yesterday, we finally sent out postcards to over 250 people. They should be arriving to homes within the next week so let the phones ring! We continue to educate ourselves, work with our mentor, and do our research. Each day brings on new challenges that we are ready to take on.

If you would like to get in touch with us to become apart of our buyers list, looking to build a long term successful relationship or just want to chat, please email us at or call 864-MODERN4 (864-663-3764). We look foward to working with you.

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