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Modernized Investments is making progress. Last night was our last online module with our mentor Laura Al-Amery. Over the past few months she has been coaching us on everything real estate! We have learned so much and are so excited to continue our journey with her.

This past week we sent out a mailing of over 800 yellow letters and 200 post cards to absentee owners in Fort Myers. Now we wait for the phone to ring. While waiting for the phone to ring we have been working on our Internet presence. We recently listened to a podcast that talked about media bandit signs. Instead of spending a ton of money to have bandit signs made only to be taking down (since their illegal in many counties), this gentlemen spoke about making Facebook Fan pages for both buyers and sellers and titling it exactly what someone would Google. We also learned that Google likes Facebook and YouTube and considers them an authority figure. When you post your Facebook Fan page or make a YouTube video and it has the correct wording and it gets searched enough times then you will move up in the Google rankings and get noticed more. Although direct mail is the #1 recommend way for getting leads, the internet and pages like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc. are all really important tools that todays society uses on a daily basis. We will keep you posted on the responses from our yellow letters! Lets keep those fingers crossed so we can start growing our real estate venture!

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